2012 Challenge

Challenge Update:  1 January 2013

Successfully completed at least one QSO per day throughout the months of January – December.  Total QSO’s completed in December 2012 is 36.  Total for the year 1428. Challenge = Success!!!

2012 Challenge Information

My 2012 amateur radio challenge is to have at least one QSO per day, each day throughout the year 2012.  I was inspired by Keith, G6NHU and his successful QSO365 project he completed in 2011.  Due to my blogging, podcast schedule and other amateur radio involvement, I decided against making my attempt as creative as Keith did.  Meaning, I’m not blogging daily about my progress and the stations I’ve worked. 

 My own QSO a day challenge started just after the stroke of midnight as my wife and I said goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012, she suggested I go down to my basement ham shack and make a QSO to celebrate the new year.  Of course, I did and was successful at getting the first QSO into the log book. 

They say what you do on New Years Day is what you’ll most likely do throughout the year.  So of course, getting that first QSO in the log and spending a little more time in the shack just might help this challenge become successful. 

The rules?  We don’t need no stinkin rules….right?  My rules are simple.  I use UTC time/date for my date.  Most of my contacts are made after 5 PM (local) which is midnight UTC for me.  If for example on Friday evening I’m unable to make a QSO which would actually be logged for the Saturday date, any QSO’s logged Saturday prior to midnight UTC will count.  If I were successful at making a QSO the Thursday evening prior and could not get to the shack on Friday, I could still make my Saturday QSO prior to the date change.  Confusing? 

You can check my progress by visiting the Logbook tab (top of page).  I’m displaying my last 50 QSO’s via this logbook page.  I will also occassionally blog about my progress and will include a link at the top of the page to that particular blog posting.

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