I’ve been experimenting with both Echolink and D-STAR here in the ham shack.


I have an Echolink node which I activate when I’m in the ham shack.  Locally you can connect via 147.450 FM.  Alternatively, you can connect via KD0BIK-L or node number 350298.  I’m running the Echolink node on a Windows 7 PC connected to a Yaesu FT-8800 and Signalink interface.   The FT-8800 is currently running at 5w into an exterior mounted Diamond X-30 antenna.

In addition to the standard Echolink software, I’m also running an application called EchoProducer.  The only feature I currently have active is local weather.  The weather data is obtained from my own weather station and made available through the Echolink node.  If you are in the vicinity, connect on 147.450 and send DTMF **1 for local conditions. Wx data is updated hourly.


I also (on occasion) power up my DVAP Dongle and connect via the ICOM IC-92AD.  The DVAP dongle is connected to my Raspberry Pi running the Debian OS along with the DVAPNODE and IRCDDB software.  At the present time I can VNC into the RPI via my iPad.

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