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The above countdown marks the start of the 2020 ARRL Field Day which starts on 27 June.  You can expect to hear me on the bands operating as KDØBIK.  I hope to hear you in my pileup.

Welcome to KDØBIK.com!  Thank you for stopping by.  This is my main home on the web for all things amateur radio.  Please click the links above to learn more about me and my involvement in the amateur radio hobby.  Also, please visit my two amateur radio blog sites (general amateur radio and SOTA activities) and my amateur radio podcast, the Practical Amateur Radio Podcast.  When I’m mobile (vehicle or pedestrian) I often have the APRS beacon turned on.  You can “Find Me” by clicking the tab above.  Finally, when I’m in the shack I often have my web cam turned on.  73 de KDØBIK  (new site)

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5 Responses to Hello and Welcome

  1. John says:

    Great site and thanks for your contributions to new (and old) hams. I have a dilemma that possibly you know something about. I recently purchased a Yaesu VX7R that came with the adms commander. I installed (or at least tried to install) it on my two PC’s, both running Windows 7 Home Addition. On both I get the same error message when I open the program and attempt to send data from the radio to the program … error: can’t load ftd2xx.dll. Any thoughts?

    • admin says:

      Hi John,

      Is this an old version? ADMS is now RT Systems and I have their software for my VX-6, VX-8, FT-817, 857 and 897 (and a few others) and all work fine on a Windows 7 machine. RT Systems are great folks and provide excellent support. You can contact them via their website http://www.rtsystemsinc.com/


  2. Rick says:

    Just discovered your various posts on the web including YouTube videos. I’m a new owner of the kx3 and loving it. I do find it a bit confusing because there seem to be many ways to use hardware and software on digi modes and not sure what’s best. I do have an iPad and will follow your advice but you don’t mention if you have the radio in USB mode or Psk d mode. Please clarify. Also, when I plug a 3 pole plug into the mic jack it immediately triggers the ptt so how are you avoiding this to allow you to use the radios vox function or ptt through the mic jack? I’d appreciate your suggestions.
    Rick, w2 Jaz

    • admin says:

      Hi Rick,

      I would need to double check my notes, but depending on how I connect (and I don’t connect anything to the iPad via the headset jack) I believe I’m using the PSK D mode. I’m now using the connection via the Pigtail (see my other video) and this requires no audio from the KX3 to the iPad. It utilizes the KX3 PSK decode via CW function. This is the cleanest setup if you have the Pigtail device.


  3. Steve Maag says:

    Hi Jerry

    I’ve just found your podcasts. So far they have had a lot of great information. I have not heard all your podcasts yet but I have a question that you might have already covered. I drive truck, and would like to install a ham radio in my Semi. Do you have any information on what I can look forward to as far as reception and what equipment I should start to look at. I am in the process of getting my technical licence.

    Thanks for all the information you are sharing


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