WØ/FR-194 (Genesee Mountain) 2520m / 8268ft

As mentioned in the activation alert from last week, I attended a local amateur radio club meeting on Saturday morning and presented Summits On The Air (SOTA) to the club membership.  My presentation covers all aspects of both chasing as well as activating and I had available all my normal activation gear on hand.  There were approx. 25 members on-hand for the presentation and I would estimate by the amount of questions, that at least half (perhaps more) will become active chasers.

After the meeting and a brief lunch, six of the members accompanied me on the activation of Genesee Mountain.  Genesee Mountain is part of the Denver Parks and Recreational System.  It is a well maintained area with a paved road providing an easy walk about 90% of the way.   

The six other amateurs accompanying me wanted a nice leisurely first SOTA experience and that is exactly what I wanted to provide them.  The original plan was to drive all the way to the top, park and then hike down 100 vertical feet, then back up.  However, Genesee Mountain park road wasn’t open all the way the highest parking area.  The main parking area is less than 1 mile (0.8 to be exact) from the summit with an elevation gain of about 200 feet.   Everyone in the group felt comfortable with this hike and we took a nice easy stroll to the top.  I handled packing the communications equipment needed for the activation.

We reached the summit just before 2100 UTC (3 PM local) and quickly began setting up the Buddipole Versatee Vertical for 20m. I briefly explained the setup and began calling CQ at 2115 UTC.  Within just  a few minutes I had the first QSO in the log and we took turns working each station until everyone had their four (or more) QSO’s in the book. 

I (we) worked a total of 10 stations including N1EU, K7ASQ, K7ATN (S2S), WA2USA, ND9Q, KK1W, AD5A, WB9WHQ, K6ILM and W5DLD. 


In the above photo, KDØBIK (red shirt) helping NØHIO work his first SOTA activation.  I would like to thank NØHIO for providing the photo and video of the activation. 

I’m fairly certain those who participated in the activation will all perform their own activations in the near future.  I’m also hoping to get another SOTA activation planned in the next couple of weeks.  The KX3 should arrive (hopefully) in the next 2-3 weeks and of course I will need to test it out and the best way I know of doing that is Summits On The Air.

Until next time…

73 de KD0BIK

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