W0/FR-003 (Mount Evans) 4347m / 14,264ft

My fifth activation is complete.  On Tuesday, 3 July 2012 I successfully activated Mount Evans.  My wife and I were on vacation (or a staycation as we called it) and decided to take a day during our 9 day break to attempt this activation. 

Mount Evans is one of two Colorado 14’ers (14,000 + foot summits) with a paved road to the top.  The second is Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs.  The paved road for Mount Evans takes you within approx. 100’ of the summit.  To make sure my GPS and Google Earth calculations were accurate, I walked down the paved road (away from the summit) to an approx. elevation of 14,100 then hiked to the summit which is 14,264. 

As we were just arriving to the parking area near the summit around 1715 UTC, I could see dark clouds forming to our south.  So I knew the activation would need to be a quick one.   On the way up we met up with one of the locals who posed for a quick photo.  I explained how I was friends of Rooster and Peanut, and he allowed us to pass. 

I reached the summit around 1745 and began assembling the Buddipole Versatee Vertical antenna.  I would estimate the summit was at capacity (it was difficult to find a parking spot) and perhaps the summit was being shared by 60+ people (some hiking up, some hiking down and others just sitting around).  I attracted a lot of attention and some approached to ask what was going on. 

I began calling CQ SOTA around 1800 UTC and within just a few seconds had Bob, AJ5C answering me.  Bob gave me a 55 and he was a strong 59+.  I quickly worked five other stations before I began feeling it was time to pack the gear up and head back down to the truck. 

According to the SOTA Results and Summits Database, Mount Evans had never been activated for Summits On The Air.  I am honored to have had the opportunity to be the first SOTA activator to activate Mount Evans.  The name Evans is a family name of mine.  My Grandfather was Snub Evans and I dedicate this activation to his memory.

I would like to thank AJ5C, W7CNL, K0LAF, N7UN, N4LA and K0REW for chasing me and helping me to make this a successful activation. 

Until next time…

73 de KD0BIK

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2 Responses to W0/FR-003 (Mount Evans) 4347m / 14,264ft

  1. just great, your page, your youtube-movies. I am a exited SOTA-Activator, recently received my KX3, using a AlexLoop, the ideal antenna for SOTA.
    bout ready to connect my the iPad for PSK31.

    • Hello Edwin,

      Congrats on recently getting your KX3. You’re really going to like that radio for SOTA use. Thanks for the kind words. Hope to work you on a S2S someday soon.


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