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Just a very quick update to let everyone know I’m still alive and still very much into SOTA or Summits on the Air.  If you follow my main amateur radio blog and my amateur radio podcast, the Practical Amateur Radio Podcast then you know for the past year I’ve been seriously focused on my health. 

One of the last updates I posted on my SOTA blog was to report having lost approx. 25 pounds.  I was excited to see the first 25 pounds go because that is the approx. weight of my SOTA pack.  Today, I’m really pleased to report that I’ve now officially (as of last week) dropped another 25+ pounds for a total of 51 pounds of weight loss since this time last year. 

While I’m told I look great, the important factor is I feel great.  Also, the diet and exercise has naturally lowered my total cholesterol which is one of the primary reasons I became so focused on my health. 

The past couple of weeks (and weekends) we’ve had typical  Colorado Spring weather.  Most days during the week are nice weather days with weekends being cold and wet.  This trend will eventually change and when it does you can expect me to start calling CQ SOTA from the Colorado Rocky Mountains. 

Thanks to all who stop by to read my SOTA blog. 

Until next time…

73 de KDØBIK

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