Plan B?

Do you have a plan B?  What about even a plan C?  Here in the WØ association there are many SOTA summits which have never been activated.  Do we know why?  Sometimes, but not always.  Of course the obvious reason might be due to the summit (or access to the summit) is on private land.  But even though we do our “due diligence” ahead of time, we may not always know exactly what obstacles lay in front of us once we reach the trail.   If these obstacles read NO TRESPASSING will this cause your SOTA expedition to be a bust? 

Of course, NO TRESPASSING means NO TRESPASSING.  Our SOTA Code of Conduct along with good amateur practice will tell us to stop, turnaround and leave.  This is of course the only thing we can do in a situation like this.  But again, does it have to mean no SOTA activation for the day?  Absolutely not.

Of course, what I’m going to say next really only applies if you have neighboring SOTA peaks nearby.  But while you are planning for the SOTA known as “Plan A”.  Also think about your plan B and even plan C.  The Adventure Radio website actually makes this very easy for us. 

As an example only, let’s say I’m planning a SOTA activation of Green Mountain (WØ/FR-1Ø7).  If I view the WØ Front Range region (WØ/FR) on the Adventure Radio website and click on Green Mountain, this will bring up a profile page which contains information about the SOTA summit.  The important information I want to direct your attention to is at the bottom listed as “Near By”. 


This “Near By” information shows other SOTA summits in the area.  As you can see from the list above, there are six additional SOTA summits from 5.0 to 14.2 km away.  If I were planning a SOTA activation of Green Mountain, I would also make sure I had information available for Mount Morrison, North Table Mtn and perhaps even Genesee Mountain.  This would give me plenty of options in the event Green Mountain was unavailable.  Of course, Green Mountain is open to the public and no fees are required.  It is actually a very nice hike with beautiful views of the Denver skyline to the East and the Rocky Mountains to the North and West. 

Oh…and one more thing.  Should you find a SOTA summit is on private land, please make sure you visit the SOTA Watch site and add a new article under the corresponding summit to indicate it is on private land.  This will help in future activation attempts.

I realize this may all sound extremely obvious to some.  Perhaps it is.  However, if this helps just one person salvage what would have been a busted SOTA expedition, then it was all worth it. 

Until next time…

73 de KDØBIK

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