Daydreaming about SOTA

We’re all human and if you’re like me, you find yourself daydreaming about other things.  As I write this blog post, it is Wednesday, 11 January 2012.  The weather outside is frightful.  The snow is falling in the city and it’s cold.  I can’t see the mountains, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about them.

Yesterday, two of my fellow SOTA pals were out activating summits.  Steve, wG0AT was activating Mt. Herman (his backyard mountain) and Matt, K0MOS actually completed two successful SOTA activations.  The first being Eagle Cliff Mountain (W0/FR-06Smilie: 8) and Emerald Mountain (W0/FR-05Smilie: 8).  What did I do yesterday?  I worked.

Anyway, just because I haven’t recently blogged about Summits On The Air doesn’t mean I’ve stopped.  I actually had every intention of making at least one SOTA trip the week between Christmas and New Years.  The weather was B E A U T I F U L.  There was just one problem.  I couldn’t walk more than about 3 steps without coughing.  Both my wife and I came down with a cold or flu just before Christmas.  We actually spent most of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in bed.

I actually took a glance at the 10 day weather forecast today.  Yes, I realize it’s a struggle for the local weather forecasters to predict the next 10 minutes…but the 10 day does look good showing this system moving out and clearing the way for some mild temperature days with no forecasted moisture. 

This may mean a SOTA adventure could find its way onto my schedule for either this upcoming weekend or the one after.  But for now, I must go back to my server builds and daydreaming about beautiful blue skies, warm sunshine while standing on top of a summit working a large pileup.  Oh…make that a large pileup of DX stations ha ha.

Until next time…

73 de KD0BIK

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