Activation Alert: WØ/FR-185 (Centennial Cone) –2640m / 8661ft


Date:            29 September 2012
Time:           Approx.    1600 UTC – 1800 UTC
Region:        CO-Front Range
Elevation:    2640 m / 8661 ft – 2 Points
Call Sign:     KDØBIK & KDØSPY
Frequencies:     14.342.5-ssb, 18.157.5-ssb, 28.327.5-ssb,  +/-  146.52-fm

Equipment: Elecraft KX3 / Buddipole versatee vertical & Yaesu VX-8 / Elk Log-Periodic Antenna

APRS Track: On Road / On Trail


Perhaps this planned SOTA activation could be compared to a fisherman and the one that got away.  You might remember I attempted to activate Centennial Cone this past April.  This activation was to  be the maiden voyage for my (at the time) less than 48 hour old Elecraft KX3.  While I was unsuccessful at activating Centennial Cone, I was successful at getting the new Elecraft KX3 on the air from a Colorado SOTA summit that day.  To say I hadn’t thought about Centennial Cone would be an understatement.  This SOTA summit has remained on my list of activations I wanted to complete in 2012.  With the new basement ham shack, podcast studio, home office and man cave finished, it is time to take advantage of the cool temperatures and take in the colorful beauty of Colorado in the Fall. 

I will be sharing the trail and the activation with my fellow ham and good friend, Tom KDØSPY.  I was introduced to Tom by a fellow ham who lives outside the state of Colorado.  Tom was interested in getting started in amateur radio and his friend was a listener of my amateur radio podcast, the practical amateur radio podcast (available at  He introduced us via email then Tom and I setup a time to meet for lunch. 

Since that first lunch meeting, Tom and I have become great friends and Tom earned his technician class license in July of this year.  Not only does Tom share my interests in amateur radio…he’s also an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast.  This makes Tom the perfect SOTA companion.  But no jokes about our names OK (Tom and Jerry).


Centennial Cone is a two point SOTA summit and is located just slightly NW from Genesee Mountain (WØ/FR-194) which I first activated in early April.  

You can expect to hear me mainly on 20m SSB via the KX3.  We will also setup and attempt to make contacts on 10m SSB should the band open.  Otherwise, expect to hear Tom mainly on VHF Simplex. 

73 de KDØBIK

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