Activation Alert: W0/FR-063 (Mt. Herman) –2757m / 9045ft ****UPDATE****

Date:            19 November 2011
Time:           Approx.    1700 UTC – 2000 UTC
Region:        CO-Front Range
Elevation:    2757 m / 9045 ft – 4 Points
Call Sign:     KD0BIK/qrp
Frequencies:      18.157.5-ssb +/-, 24,977.5-ssb +/-  14.315-ssb +/- ,and 146.52-fm

Equipment: FT-817ND / Buddipole versatee vertical

APRS Track: On Road / On Trail

Just a slight update to my plans which I posted earlier in the week.  We live and learn right?  When I planned for this activation I didn’t think to look to see what (if any) contests were taking place on the bands.  Well….if you are into contesting, you are well aware that this weekend is the ARRL November Sweepstakes for phone.  I owe a very big thank you to Steve, wG0AT who gave me a friendly nudge and reminded me of this.  The last thing I want is for my little 5w signal to be “swept” right off the summit of Mt. Herman.   So, I’m keeping 20m as an option…but plan to start on 17m and go from there. 

I have been told cell and data service is available from the summit of Mt. Herman.  The town of Monument, Colorado is just down below.  However, the last tweet or Facebook post I plan to make will be from the car.  Once I leave the car I plan to stay true to RF only.  Once I reach the summit, I will change my APRS beacon (if I remember) to indicate  the frequency I’m running.  So just follow my slow progress up the mountain by clicking the link above labeled APRS Track: On Trail 

This is going to be about having FUN and learning a lot along the way.  You can count on me sharing it both on my blog as well as an upcoming episode of the practical amateur radio podcast.   

Until I’m back from activating my first SOTA summit….

73 de KD0BIK


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