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I love to Elmer!  I accomplish this by hosting an amateur radio podcast and writing blog articles for two separate blogs.

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  1. Charles says:

    Dear Jerry,

    I recently obtained a DVAP Dongle. Would really appreciate the help setting it up with my IC-92AD.



  2. Steve Maag says:

    Hi Jerry
    I am working on getting my radio license. I drive truck for a living and would like to install a ham radio in my truck. Could you tell me if there is a CB radio and amateure radio combo all in one?
    Thanks for all you have done to to help me get into the field.

    • Tod Tomkins says:

      Steve To answer your question Well Kinda Yes And No. Many export type radios will talk on 10 Meter and some will also do 12 meter. Some export type radios will offer a jack for CW ( Morse code) it does not work well but it keeps the FCC at bay.I too am a trucker. I haul Munitions and Drop deck. I have found it a-lot easier to just put the CB radio in the truck and to buy a proper Vhf radio with a proper mirror mount antenna. Most truckers listen to 146.520. Your first radio will most likely be a 2 meter/440 rig anyway.Remember the radio no matter how good it is is only as good as the antenna setup. once you up grade your license and buy a H.F. rig you could MODIFY your H.F. rig to do 11 meters ( CB ) but why the mobile sometimes do not have that audio punch that we truckers look for in a radio. Also remember that the cb radio is FCC type accepted. not that the govt cares but it must be said. good luck in your quest. 73’s Tod KC9RKA

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