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More KX3, iPad and PSK-31 Experimentation

Last week I created a YouTube video to document some experimentation I had completed with the KX3, my iPad and the iOS PSK-31 app called PSKer.  This week I made some modifications to my setup.  This included adding a USB … Continue reading

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An iPad, PSKer iOS App and KX3 = FUN

As I briefly mentioned in my blog post titled KX3 – The First 24 Hours.  I spent a little bit of time experimenting with the iOS App titled PSKer.  This experimentation included operating it in an over the air method.  … Continue reading

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“Operation ham shack” Completed

Hello Everyone… Yes, “operation ham shack” has been completed.  I’m not sure if I’ve really blogged much about this subject, but I have talked about it on my podcast from time to time.  What am I talking about when I … Continue reading

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