Happy Birthday PARP

On this day six years ago, I took a cheap USB headset, plugged it into my computer and recorded episode one of the Practical Amateur Radio Podcast.  As I stated in that short episode, I would continue to keep PARP alive as long as I had listeners willing to download, stream and listen to the content.   While PARP hasn’t always been released on the most timely and accurate schedule….six years in I’m happy to say that PARP remains very much a passion of mine and I hope it continues for many, many years.

I know I have listeners who started with me in the beginning and I know new ones are added all the time.  I thank you all for listening.  As I say on each and every episode, the practical amateur radio podcast…creating Elmers one podcast at a time and please, please, please share knowledge with others.  This is the true spirit of amateur radio!

You can access the Practical Amateur Radio Podcast a number of ways.  Search for PARP in iTunes or visit the podcast website located at hamradiopodcast.com, amateurradiopodcast.com or our original URL of MyAmateurRadio.com.  Thank you for listening.




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KX3 Heat Sink

If you operate your Elecraft KX3 in a portable environment (and perhaps even if you don’t) there are a few must-have add-ons which really help protect your KX3.  You are probably already aware of the popular KX3 KX Endplates and KX Cover available from Scott, AK6Q and his Gems Products website.  I received both as a Christmas present from my darling wife and love what they do for my KX3.

In addition to operating SSB phone via my KX3 on SOTA activations, I also enjoy grabbing my Buddipole a battery and heading outdoors for some picnic table portable operations in a park or really just about anywhere.  In this setting I typically bring along my laptop and operate PSK-31 or JT-65.  However, one thing I’ve noticed (and have been concerned about) is how the KX3 has the potential to heat up when running these digital modes (even at 5w or less).  This is especially evident in the warmer months of the year.

A few weeks ago I was browsing the KX3 Facebook page and learned about an add-on heat sink designed, built and sold by a fellow ham in Canada.  This OM’s name is Fred Meier, VE7fmn.  I contacted Fred via email and he quickly provided a detailed response on how he designed his KX3 heat sink and provided cost and availability information.  While I did find one other heat sink being marketed for the KX3, I believe Fred’s version is more effective at dissipating the heat from the KX3 and it looks great while doing it.

Here’s what Fred’s KX3 heat sink looks like installed on my KX3.

2014-04-27 13.06.33


2014-04-27 13.07.33

Fred’s KX3 heat sink is well built and designed to be durable.  The fins on the heat sink are not going to bend or break off and only adds an additional 8 ounces of weight to the KX3. 

I’ve conducted a few tests while in the shack and had the KX3 running PSK-31 and JT-65 at 10w and never received the overheat warning.  I couldn’t run above 5 watts inside or outside the shack without the heat sink installed.  I’ve yet to test the KX3 with heat sink installed outside in a portable setting, but I’m confident I will not have any issues.  If you would care to read another review of VE7fmn’s heat sink, please go here.

As I’ve stated, I love operating portable with my KX3 and I’m Happy, Happy, Happy to have this wonderful add-on to help keep my KX3 Cool, Cool, Cool.

Until next time…



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April is in the books

Another month is in the books and the QSO a day goal for 2014 continues.  April was successful in many different ways.  First, it moves me one month closer to ending the year with a QSO each and every day.  I also added two new DX entities to my DX list (Crete and Saint Kitts & Nevis) and I managed to get one state closer to WAS on a few different categories.  Finally, I beat my monthly total QSO record of 393 (set in November 2013) with a grand total of 599 total QSO’s. 

The surge in QSO’s for April is primarily due to my wanting to be better prepared in working contest pileup situations when it’s my turn to operate W1AW/Ø later in May.  I’ve been getting on the air and operating the ARRL Centennial QSO Party as much as possible and as much as band conditions have allowed.  It’s been fun.  I’d love to work you and give you my 5 points as a VE.

I’ve also been successful at chasing (and catching) all the W1AW portable stations.  I will need to make sure I catch a few states on their second time around later in the year.  But my goal is to work them all. 


The QSO breakdown for April is as follows:

Mode  Number QSO’s

JT65 149

JT9 3

SSB 441

PSK31 5


2m FM 0

Additional notes of interest:

DX Stations Worked in March – 46

New DX Entities in March – 2

Total QSO’s for March – 599

Total QSO’s for 2014 – 818

Total consecutive QSO days – 120

Days left in 2014 – 245

Until next time…

73 de KDØBIK

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PARP 68 – ARRL Centennial On-Air Events

PARPiTunes Over the weekend I released the Practical Amateur Radio Podcast (PARP) episode 68.  In this episode I discuss the ARRL Centennial On-Air Events currently taking place up and down the bands.  This includes both the W1AW Portable stations as well as the Centennial Points Challenge QSO Party. 

In addition, PARP 68 introduces you to TJ, WØEA who  is busy with his 100 Days of Summer and Quintessence by Jeff, K9EV.  All this and more…Enjoy!

Thanks for listening…

73 de KDØBIK

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W1AW/Ø Change in Schedule

I posted my planned intentions of operating W1AW/Ø from Colorado last week.  Unfortunately I’ve had to make a slight change to my on-air schedule to accommodate a scheduling conflict which will allow me to speak to a local amateur radio club about SOTA or Summits on the Air.

As it stands today, I will operate W1AW/Ø on the following dates/times/bands/modes:

23 May 0000z – 0300z – 20m – phone

25 May 1500z – 1800z – 20m – phone 

I may sign up for additional time slots if needed.  I’ll post an update the week before Colorado will be on the air.  In the mean time, I’m getting on the air as much as possible and working as many stations as I can for the ARRL Centennial QSO Party.  I hope to work you either during my time operating W1AW/Ø or as KDØBIK.  Either way, ain’t this hobby great?

Until next time…

73 de KDØBIK

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