Pacificon 2012 – Night of New Media Elmers

  This coming weekend, October 12, 13 and 14 the ARRL National Convention at Pacificon will take place in Santa Clara, California.  The organizers of the 2012 Pacificon event have worked hard to make this years event the best ever.


You’ll find all the usual activities you expect to see and hear at these types of events including top-notch forums, events, vendors and even an astronaut.  How cool is that? 

I’m especially excited and honored to be a part of a special Friday evening event titled “Pacificon Night of New Media Elmers”.   This event brings together some of the most beloved podcasters in the world of amateur radio in what I believe is the first event of its kind. 

I will join Randy Hall K7AGE, Chris Matthieu N7ICE and Gordon “Gordo” West WB6NOA through a Skype connection from Colorado for this very special night.

New Media is sort of the all encompassing term to describe podcasting (both audio and video) and blogging.  I’m truly honored to share the ranks with dozens of audio and video podcasters and hundreds of bloggers who frequently write and record audio and video all in an effort to help Elmer and promote the hobby and service of amateur radio.

I’m sure Randy, Chris, Gordo and myself are not strangers to you.  But perhaps if you are new to the hobby, a very brief introduction might be in order.

Randy Hall K7AGE resides in Grass Valley, CA and has been creating videos for YouTube since 2006.  His most popular video content has been his complete instructional videos on the digital mode PSK-31 and how to work the amateur radio satellites.   It was Randy’s YouTube video series on PSK-31 which inspired me to upgrade from technician to general so that I could use this wonderful digital mode.

Chris Matthieu N7ICE resides in Phoenix, AZ and is the founder of the first amateur radio social network and very popular  Chris also creates instructional videos on his website.   Chris has a level of enthusiasm and excitement in everything he does which is extremely contagious. 

Gordon “Gordo” West WB6NOA resides in Costa Mesa, CA and has helped many get their start in amateur radio through his license study materials.  Gordo also appears each week as co-host in the popular Ham Nation video podcast.

Jerry Taylor KD0BIK – Yep…that’s me!  Realizing I had a face for radio, I have mostly stuck to an audio only format for my Practical Amateur Radio Podcast which I launched in 2008.  I do from time to time post supplemental video material on my YouTube channel.  Between the audio podcast and video content, I’ve created over 100 audio and video episodes in the past 4 years all in an effort to help entertain, encourage, educate and inspire others.

I’m told the “Pacificon Night of New Media Elmers” event will be recorded and just as soon as all the post production work can be completed and the finished product uploaded, I’ll be certain to pass along how you can watch this special presentation.

For now, please watch the promotional video below.

Until next time…

73 de KD0BIK

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2 Responses to Pacificon 2012 – Night of New Media Elmers

  1. Jerry: If you’d like, I can send you photos of the Sigg container lined by felt and containing the KX3, microphone, power cord, and earplugs. The felt protects the rig and keeps it from moving around because of the close space.

    “Sigg” is a name I recall from my camping days when I was younger.

    Jim Newland

    stephen provost says:

    Jerry: listened to your podcasts today coming home from chicago.
    Came across the following youtube episode of your Elmer gathering at pacificon.

    here is the url link:

    keep up the great work with your podcasts!
    stephen KC8WQL

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