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You may remember back in September, I blogged about the news of the developer (Simon) of Ham Radio Deluxe selling to several US hams.  I followed one of the threads over on the QRZ forums until I basically grew bored of the hate and non-sense being discussed.  At that time (Sept. timeframe) no one really knew what was going to happen or when we would learn the fate and future of the HRD software.  While many had conjured up ideas of users receiving cease and desist letters, as I stated then (and what has been proven since) I didn’t think anyone had anything to worry about.

As the old year (2011) turned into the new year (2012) news began to surface about the plans for Ham Radio Deluxe.  The new owners (Rick Ruhl, W4PC Mike Carper, WA9PIE and Randy Gawtry K0CBH have since released two free updates (version 5.1 and 5.11) and offered users a $59.95 support plan which covers version 5.11 and version 6 at no cost.  Ham Radio Deluxe version 6 is scheduled to be available around the Dayton Hamvention timeframe of this year. 

I learned about HRD before I even earned my license and was using it with my Yaesu FT-897 as I tuned around the bands listening.  Once I got my ticket I used it to log my first HF QSO’s on 10 meters and have used it since.  The value of what Ham Radio Deluxe brings to me in the enjoyment of the hobby is certainly more than I can associate a cost to.  I’ve looked into alternatives for casual QSO logging, rig control and the digital modes and have found nothing that even comes close to beating HRD in its present form.

After watching the video below, I’m actually excited about the opportunity for HRD version 6 and beyond.  Some of the new features discussed will be an integration between N1MM logger and DM780.  This to me will be worth the investment to upgrade to version 6.     I do love N1MM logger for contest operations, but I rarely use anything other than DM780 for digital modes.  When I try to use other applications for PSK or RTTY, I’m like a fish out of water.  For that reason I don’t do a lot of true digital contest operations. 

If you haven’t already, please take about 52 minutes of your time and watch the video below which is made available by Gary Pearce, KN4AQ and his Amateur Radio Video News (ARVN) service

I’ve had no contact with any of the three mentioned owners and simply blog about this particular subject because I want to.  The opinions expressed are simply my own.  I fully understand and appreciate that not everyone will share my thoughts and opinions on this subject. 

Until next time…

73 de KDØBIK

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