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KX3 Heat Sink

If you operate your Elecraft KX3 in a portable environment (and perhaps even if you don’t) there are a few must-have add-ons which really help protect your KX3.  You are probably already aware of the popular KX3 KX Endplates and … Continue reading

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Request for Information–Apps

If you own a smartphone and/or tablet device and use any of the amateur radio related apps designed for these devices, I would like to hear from you.  I’m conducting research for an upcoming episode of the Practical Amateur Radio … Continue reading

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I’ve owned my Raspberry Pi for a while now.  I purchased it around the time they were first introduced (early 2012).  Not having a lot of knowledge in the Linux OS, the most I ever really did with it was … Continue reading

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The KX3 Case – Decision Made

I’ve had in my possession my new Elecraft KX3 for over  a month.  I’ve watched and waited and watched some more.  I’ve seen many of our fellow hams post pictures and such on the various reflectors about things that worked … Continue reading

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KX3 Delivery Day

On Tuesday afternoon, I received the email notification that many of my fellow amateurs are waiting for.  That email of course was from Elecraft and the subject line read “Package Shipped to You”.  I ordered my Elecraft KX3 within 30 … Continue reading

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