And so it begins…

The New Year (UTC time) begins just after 5 PM local time and when I’ll begin my 2014 QSO A Day challenge.  I successfully completed a QSO a Day back in 2012 and it was a lot of fun.  It also helped me meet several smaller goals of achieving my first WAS and build on my DXCC list. 

For 2014, I’ve stepped up my goals slightly and would like to achieve WAS in six different categories and of course also move me closer to DXCC. 

I have a brand new QSL card which I’ll start using in the new year (shown below).  Randy Dorman, KB3IFH did an excellent job on the card.  If you need QSL cards for the new year, please contact Randy.  You won’t be disappointed.


I also have to get back on track with my diet and exercise routines.  I had a stumble on the ice just after Thanksgiving and have been moving slower than normal and consuming more “comfort food” than I should.  However, with the new year comes new goals and new energy to achieve these goals.  The back and tailbone are better and I’m ready to get back to 10,000 Steps per Day.

Happy New Year!  Happy Amateur Radio!



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  1. That’s a great looking card, Jerry! I may try to work you again this year to get that specimen in my files hi hi.

    I took a lot of time off from Amateur Radio last year, especially HF, and concentrated mostly on 2-meter local operations. This year though, I’m planning to make a go of it and get back on the air a lot more. I’ve posted two new entries over on my blog. The first is QSO365-My Way at

    Also, I’ll keep a running update at a static page on my blog at

    2014 is off to a great start, and I hope to keep the momentum going! I look forward to an opportunity to visit on the air in 2014.

    73 until then,
    Jim ~ K5JAW

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