My name is Jerry Taylor, KD0BIK. Thank you for visiting my ham radio hobby website. I’m an extra class operator. My license was granted on 14 August 2007. I live in Denver, CO.

My first exposure to ham radio was as a boy.
My Uncle, David Evans, K5SOR has been a ham for 49 years.
I remember watching/listening to him work stations in his
ham shack. I also attended at least one field day that
I can remember. I began studying for the novice class license
back in the early 80’s. I’ll admit the Morse code (CW) was a
challenge and perhaps one reason I never pursued testing.Now over 20 years later the FCC has dropped the Morse code
requirement. I began studying for my technician class exam in
early summer and tested on 4 August 2007. My license was
granted on 14 August 2007. I upgraded to the general class license on Jan. 5th 2008 and finally after a few years got serious about preparing for extra. On August 27, 2011 I passed the amateur extra exam.

I’m a member of the Denver Radio Club, The Radio Society of Great Britain RSGB, and a Life Member of the American Radio Relay League ARRL.

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  1. Jerry,

    I think I’ve logged everyone from Saturday’s activation but I only see five calls in my ‘mess’ of a log on a sheet of paper. Here’s who I have:


    Did I miss someone? I see you mentioned there were 6 of you, maybe the other one is lurking in my scribbling? I’ve logged the five to the SOTA database if they want to claim their activation.

    Conditions were really starting to ‘circle the bowl’ toward the end, glad we were able to make the QSO’s


  2. Answered you via your email. Thanks for taking time from your chase efforts to work all of us.


  3. This may be old news by now. See speechrecsolutions.com for their Speech Recognition Solutions iPad Headset Adapter. I use this with PSKer. Just click in Setup “Always Use Speaker Output” to NO.

    No ground-loop problems, etc. Just works. Headphone audio level into iPad — adjust with rig Vol Control. Mic / Xmit audio level into rig — adjust with iPad “speaker level up/dwn” rocker switch.

    I cannot find anywhere that this simple approach has been documented.

    73 Gene NK9E

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