18 March 2008 19:30 UTC

Slight change in plans.  On Monday, our cat Moustey decided that she was going to be sick.  This all started at approx. 3 AM MDT.  I decided to get up thinking this would just make me tired enough to be able to go to bed early and feel more rested when the alarm goes off on Tuesday at 3 AM to begin the trip to Texas. 

So I went to the office early to get a jump on my Monday.  Moustey continued to be sick throughout the day on Monday and we carried her to the vet on Monday afternoon.  The vet gave us some medicine and told us to watch over her for 48 hours.  Anyway, she’s feeling and doing much better today.  If nothing changes we will leave on Wednesday 19 March for Texas.

Since I already had scheduled to be out of the office today, my wonderful wife talked me into staying home.  So I spent the day in the shack.  During the morning hours I worked 3 stations on PSK.  One station being a new state (NC) to add to my list.  I decided to build a page to track my progress.  With adding NC to the list today, that brings me to 29 out of 50 states worked.  I still have several difficult states (AK and HI), but have several that should be relatively easy to bag (WY, KS, MT, NM).  Who knows maybe I can get KS and NM in my log tomorrow.  Until next time, 73.

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