16 March 2008 15:30 UTC

Busy day today getting everything ready to go.  Just about everything is ready to go on the radio side for the trip.  I’ve plotted a tentative route using the ARRL electronic version of the repeater guide and loaded the radio.  I say tentative because we’re expecting 5-10″ of snow starting late tonight/Monday morning. 

We have three potential routes from Denver to Salado, Texas.  Route 1 (our tentative one) is I-70 East to Limon, CO, then turn South on 287.  This route brings us through the panhandle of OK and TX.  Route 2 is I-25 South to Raton, NM then across to Amarillo, TX.  Route 3 is I-70 East through Kansas then turning South on I-35 in Salina.

We’ve traveled route 2 and 3 many times, but have never traveled route 1.  So this is why we’re looking at that route.  I’ll know more on Monday afternoon.  Route 1 and 2 will essentially take us to Wichita Falls, Texas where we plan to deviate from prior trips and turn South to bypass Ft. Worth.  Last November we arrived in Ft. Worth just about 4:00 PM and spent 1.5 to 2 hours in traffic. Hwy 281 may be slower going, but I rather be moving 55-60 Mph than sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. 

So with the repeaters loaded up and with HF capabilities…the trip should not be boring.  We plan on leaving Denver at 4:00 AM MDT and should arrive in Salado, Texas around 7 PM CDT.

Anyway, this should be my last entry prior to returning to Denver the week of March 24th.  I wish everyone reading my blog a safe and happy Easter holiday.  Until next time, 73.

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