2012 Challenge – QSO A Day – Q1 + April

Q1 plus one (April) equals four months of at least one QSO per day in 2012.  While April won’t break any QSO records, it was still a very busy and productive month. 

While my QSO a day project is just that, having an on-air QSO each and every day in 2012,  I had a few other notables I wanted to mention.  In addition to my blogging and podcasting efforts, I’m also active in Summits On The Air (SOTA) and serve as regional manager for the central portion of Colorado (W0 region).  Part of my responsibility is to promote Summits On The Air and by doing so I conducted three presentations in April.  Two of the three presentations were to local amateur radio clubs in the greater Denver area and the third was via Skype to an ARC in Washington state.  One of the local SOTA presentations included a demonstration activation which I conducted.  I also completed a second SOTA activation on my own.  Between the two SOTA activations, this netted 26 QSO’s.

I also spent a few hours working QSO party stations in both the Missouri and Florida QSO parties.  QSO party QSO’s totaled 35.

Finally, in addition to the presentations and conducting at least one QSO per day in April.  I also worked several weekends on the basement ham shack project.  The basement ham shack is coming together nicely.  We have all the drywall boards on the walls and ceiling and starting on the taping, mudding and sanding of joints and screw holes.  This is what I’ve often referred to as the “messy phase”.  But this work must be done before we can get to the painting phase.  I’m hopeful by the end of May we will be ready to paint.

Stay tuned as I hope to complete at least one SOTA activation in May.  Also, I’m working on some really cool content for episode 55 of PARP.  I plan to get this episode out prior to Dayton.  

The breakdown for April is as follows: 

Number QSO’s



Additional notes of interest:

DX Stations Worked – 3

New DX Entities – 1

Total QSO’s for 2012 – 478

Total consecutive QSO days – 121

Days left in 2012 – 245

Until next time…

73 de KD0BIK

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