2012 Challenge – Half Way There

The KD0BIK 2012 Challenge which is at least one QSO per day is still going strong at the half way point.  I guess technically I’m really not to the 50% mark for another day or two, but I’ve completed two full quarters or six consecutive months of a QSO each and every day and I’m dang proud of the accomplishment. 

The month of June started off with a bang with three new DXCC’s logged on 2 June 2012.  These new DXCC’s were Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia.  20 meters had been incredible that evening and those three new DXCC entities just seemed to fly into the logbook.  This makes 61 DXCC for me.  I have about 56 or 57 confirmed. 

Of course, the month of June also included ARRL Field Day.  I logged 117 QSO’s just on Field Day weekend as a 1 delta station.  I hope to finish my 2012 Field Day blog update in the next few days.

Once again I’ve  mapped my QSO’s for June.  I’m using a web tool created by K2DSL called ADIF to Map to create the image below.  The first image is the QSO map for June 2012.


The second QSO map includes all QSO’s for 2012 to date (January – June 2012)


I must also add that the month of June was a very successful and productive month in working on the new basement ham shack.  I’m late on a blog update and will try to get one completed in the next week.  But essentially, the painting of the walls and ceiling is completed.  I also started on the laminate floor on 30 May.   I’m actually on vacation (or as my wife and I are calling it a staycation) the week of Independence Day (4th of July) and I plan to complete the floor and begin the trim work. 

I also expect delivery of the cabinets.  I ordered desk height cabinets to go underneath my desk and then will have wall cabinets above the operating position.  The idea is for neat and organized storage which I hope will help keep a tidy and more functional desk.

The QSO breakdown for June is as follows: 

Number QSO’s




Additional notes of interest:

DX Stations Worked in June – 19

New DX Entities in June – 3

Total QSO’s for 2012 – 758

Total consecutive QSO days – 182

Days left in 2012 – 184

Until next time…

73 de KD0BIK

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