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Practical Amateur Radio Podcast – In the news!

My journey to the mailbox on Thursday evening was just like any other day.  A short walk from my house up the street to the mailbox pod.  I opened the box with my key and noticed a few pieces of … Continue reading

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The tale of the stamp

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of a PSK31 QSO with KJ4BIW.  While I treasure each and every QSO, this one was extra special.  KJ4BIW (Tristan) is a 9 year old amateur living in TN.  Tristan is a … Continue reading

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Joined the 070 Club – My Experience

While browsing the Twitter profile of WX5NCO and following his website URL, I noticed he was a member of several amateur clubs.  One that caught my eye was the PODXS 070 PSK-31 club.  I followed the URL to the 070 … Continue reading

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DTV Delay????

I had read something on the web a few weeks ago that mentioned possible action by the new President and his party to delay the DTV transition.  To be honest I just sort of let it go in one ear … Continue reading

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Where’s Winter???

Back in the Summer I wrote about the record heat wave we had been having in the Denver area.  As I write this blog post we could be heading for another record today.  This past week it’s been un-seasonably mild.  … Continue reading

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